Ignorance Hurts

True Story —-

Three ladies met at the park. As they watch their children play, they chatted and the conversation led to funeral expenses.

Lady 1: (Her mother-in-law recently passed) “The funeral expenses are so high that we’re trying to raise funds to help cover the expenses.”

Lady 2: “I know. Funerals are expensive that’s why I don’t understand how some moms waste their money on burying babies. There’s no point for that. They can use that money for other things.”

Lady 3: (Who suffered a stillbirth addresses Lady 2, who happens to have two daughters age 8 and 11) “If one of your children dies, are you just going to discard her?

Lady 2: “That’s different. I have a bond with my girls.”

Lady 3: “I have a bond with my stillborn son. I took care of him for 36 weeks and continue to take care of his memory.”

Lady 2: “Once you have another baby you’ll forget about the one you had.”

Lady 3: “Did you forget about your first child when you had your second child?”

Lady 2: “No”

Lady 3: “Neither would I. My son

will always and forever be my first born.”


It’s devastatingly hurtful and maddening to listen and witness people’s ignorance when it comes to pregnancy loss. Few truly understand that the bond we have with our baby begins the moment we find out we are pregnant. We didn’t just lose a pregnancy, we lost the life we planned with our baby.

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