Making sure it is just Perfect!

“Emma Elizabeth Santillan 👼🏻💕It took me many months, many hours, lots of brainstormed ideas, and many different drafts to decide on the perfect stone for my Angel. Thank you Tony and Saul for helping me finalize decisions.

After looking at the preset designs, clipart, and fonts at the mortuary office, I decide I was going to completely, 100%, design every single detail of my Angel’s stone. I downloaded Illustrator and with the help of the internet learned how to use it.

The phrase on top was proofread by a dear friend, (thank you Hannah). The font on her name is a combination of two different fonts.

After hours and hours of searching for the perfect wings I found THE one, it wasn’t an easy task.

She originally had a halo, but then I saw the tiara 👑 and thought why not have a tiara as a halo for my little princess.

The foot prints are her actual footprints scaled to size 👣 💕


The picture on the lower bottom is an illustration I made inspired from the De Colores song. When I was pregnant with Emma, I would sing this song so Stella could fall asleep. I know babies remember sounds from the womb, as Emma took her last breaths, I held her, told her I loved her, sang De Colores, and prayed 🤱🏻💕 🎶🙏🏼 I wanted my baby to feel love and most importantly to fly in peace. I wanted her to feel safe and not scared, and that was the only thing I knew to do 👼🏻

Every single flower 🌹 was placed one by one, every bush 🌳 every mountain ⛰ every cloud ☁️ every bird, the rainbow 🌈, every single detail had to be perfect.

The family of chicken represents us Tony, Stella, Emma and Me. My sister had a miscarriage a few months ago the little egg Emma is caring for represents Verenice & Jimmy’s Baby that know flies alongside Emma in Heaven.”

Thank you Violet Martinez for sharing your journey with us. Your little Emma is very proud of the job you did in creating the perfect lasting symbol of love for her here on earth.

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