The Day You Should Have Been Born

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Liz is the proud mother of six precious children: one son in her arms and an extra five babies carried in her heart. Liz writes about motherhood, faith, and life after loss on her blog MommyMannegren. You can follow along on Facebook or Instagram for more of this messy, grief-filled but ever beautiful story.n

10 Ways To Honor Your Baby On Their Due Date

1. Plant a tree or a perennial flower Certain flowers or plants can hold special meanings and be a beautiful, long-lasting reminder of the life that grew within.

2. A “Due Date” Cupcake Treat yourself to your favourite dessert, blow out a candle, and spend a few minutes remembering. This is an important date worth honoring and it’s okay to not only grieve, but also celebrate that little one’s life.

3. Write a Letter to Your Baby Writing out feelings and emotions can be a helpful outlet for pain. Pour your grief onto paper as an act of love and remembrance of the one who touched upon your life so deeply.

4. Balloon Release This can be a special way to include friends and family members in the day too. Pop a small message into the balloons or release them as is.

5. Random Acts of Kindness Make a few “in memory of” cards and hand them out as you buy a stranger’s coffee, hand out roses on the street, or bake cookies for a neighbor. Ask your friends and family to participate too.

6. Order a Starbucks drink with their name Sometimes it feels as if everyone has forgotten your baby, as if you’re the only one who remembers them. Today, it might just feel nice to hear someone else say their name out loud for the world to hear.

7. Write their name on a shell at the beach or a pebble on a hike Bring a sharpie with you and leave your baby’s name on a small pebble or shell at the beach — something to remind you and those who might find it that no matter how small, your baby made an impact on this world.

8. Designate a family day Set aside this date as your own annual family day and spend it together with the ones you love. Go out for ice cream, a walk in the park, a mini-getaway — whatever you do, just do it together.

9. Get a tattoo or customized jewelry Take your time with this one and find something that is meaningful to you. It’s never a case of forgetting your little one, more so a way to ensure that their memory is always carried with you in a visible way.

10. Donate to charity in their name Organize a walk, volunteer your time, or donate to your favourite cause. This is a beautiful way for your child’s memory to make a difference in the lives of others too.

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